Climate Hawks – Evening Roundup for 11/10/10

Climate Hawks,

A little variation on the format tonight.  I’m testing out the Twitter Blackbird Pie functionality which allows me to pull in the tweets which led me to the following articles.  Please let me know what you think of this and comment away on the articles.

Thanks and have a great night!


1. Brad Johnson of Climate Progress reports that the witch hunt is on as “Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI & confirmed `climatezombie), the top candidate for the chairmanship of the House energy committee, questioned the science of man-made global warming and called for Congressional hearings to investigate climate scientists.”  We all better be ready to defend our scientists.  A full-blown inquisition is a good recipe for a dark age at a time when we are in dire need of technological advances.

2. Global GHG Emissions Remained Stable in 2009 |

Thanks to Adam Werbach for sharing this article today via Twitter which shows that greenhouse gas emissions stayed flat year over year from 2008 to 2009 during the global recession.  Not a good sign folks.

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3. Nathaniel Baker points out the gross inequity in subsidies for fossil fuel and renewable energy sources.  (600:1)

4. Michael Marshall tells us that “governments around the world paid out $312 billion in fossil fuel subsidies in 2009,” and calls for an end to these subsidies.!/steadystater/status/2417736248467456

5. A NYTimes  piece on the hope for positive climate change via the Montreal Protocol shared by Andrew Winston.

6. Jeroen Klomp shared Adam Corner’s UK Guardian article on the dilemma of geo-engineering.

Image By: Nasa

7. Mary Catherine O’Connor’s piece talks of the Scottsdale Arizona Tea Party’s complaints which amount to claims of anti-competitive, forced recycling.

8. Judith Wilson does justice to “The End of the Line,” one of my favorite documentaries, which is a great primer on the global problem of overfishing.  FYI – Netflix customers can stream this one online.