Climate Hawks – Evening Roundup for 11/9/10 

With all the reading I do trying to keep up with current events, I thought it might be good to share some of the articles that strike me as important in some way.  So, without further ado…

1. Oil spill probe finds no ‘conscious decision’ to cut corners |

The title of the article begs the question, “How many unconscious decisions were made?”  (I love it when they put it on a tee for you.)  The article quotes the commission’s co-chairman Bob Graham as saying,  “There seemed to be a compulsion to get this rig completed in that April 19th-April 20th time period.”  Later in the article they drop the little nugget that the operation was around 45 days behind and that their operating costs were about $1.5 million per day.  So what we’re saying here is that BP was $60-$70 million in the hole and blowing another $10 million each week that this ran behind, but that there were no ‘conscious decisions’ to cut corners.  Of course there weren’t conscious decisions.  What fool would make an order to do something illegal when they could just apply pressure on the lower ranks and let them figure out how to cut corners for them?  Or as Rep. Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts, more eloquently stated, “When the culture of a company favors risk-taking and cutting corners above other concerns, systemic failures like this oil spill disaster result without direct decisions being made or tradeoffs being considered.”  For that comment, I salute the honorable representative.  There is definitely room on the perch for that fine climate hawk!
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